Access & Fees

Due to the wide selection of deposition tools, the Carnegie Mellon Nanofabrication Facility is available for use by both university personnel and external researchers.

Carnegie Mellon University personnel are granted limited access to the facilities as soon as they have met with Matt Moneck to discuss their projects. A qualified user must accompany all personnel until the Nanofab Guidelines have been fulfilled.

Industrial researchers and personnel from other universities should contact Matt Moneck to discuss their project. The Nanofab Guidelines must be fulfilled before independent access is granted.

How to gain access

Internal users

Please contact Nanofab Staff to discuss your project and receive and introduction to the Nanofab. Pending approval, new users will be asked to complete the following:

  1. Read the Nanofab Guidelines
  2. Attend EH&S "Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste" training
  3. Complete the Process Inventory form and Cleanroom Chemicals & Gases form
  4. Receive a tour of the facilities from a Nanofab staff member

External users

The CMU Nanofabrication Facility welcomes external Corporate, Government, and Academic researchers. In order to gain independent access to the Facility, researchers must sign an external user agreement and complete the steps outlined above for internal users. External agreements are also available for contracting work performed by Nanofab staff. Personnel interested in accessing the facility or having work performed by Nanofab staff should contact Matt Moneck to discuss their project.


View the comprehensive list of fees for all Nanofab equipment, services, precious metal charges, and entries.