Originally constructed by the university to support thin film and solid state electronic research, the Carnegie Mellon Nanofabrication Facility has grown in size and now consists of multiple labs and locations.

The cleanroom consists of 1,200 sq. ft. of class 10 space and 2,600 square feet of class 100 space. The bay and chase design provides for a flexible and efficient layout of processing tools. The class 10 zone is a yellow light area for photolithography work and is at positive pressure to the class 100 main corridor and four process bays. The class 100 change room is both an air locked entrance and a store for processing supplies. The cleanroom, originally constructed in 1983, underwent a major renovation of the HVAC system in 2000 to ensure consistent and dependable temperature and humidity control throughout the year at 68 ± 1° F and 35% ± 3% relative humidity.

The three labs in Roberts Engineering Hall have a bay and chase layout similar to the cleanroom and are outfitted with laminar flow hoods, wet benches and the same house facilities as the cleanroom. These labs are utilized as overflow space for the cleanroom and are generally used for materials studies and thin film development work.

Facilities Details

Compressed air
100 psi, dual oil-free compressors, twin tower air dryer, dew point meter, -100 °F dewpoint, double filtration, plumbed along each wall with multiple ports and point of use regulators
Nitrogen gas
Generated from vaporizer at bulk LN2 tank, regulated at 75 psi, plumbed along each wall with multiple ports and point of use regulators
Deionized water
18 MΩ, reverse osmosis feed, .2 µ filtration, ports on each wall, plumbed to each of eight wet benches
Process vacuum
20 inch Hg vacuum, dual pumping system, plumbed along each wall with multiple ports
Process chilled water
100 kΩ, DI makeup, 85 psi supply, 10 psi return, 5 µ filtration, plumbed with multiple ports along each wall with point of use regulators
Liquid nitrogen
1500 gallon bulk liquid nitrogen tank, vaporizer for 75 psi nitrogen gas, LN2 fill station, LN2 is dispensed by the pound from an LS160 dewar on a scale
Three separate exhaust fans, stainless steel corrosive exhaust system, galvanized solvent exhaust, stainless steel toxic exhaust, loss of exhaust alarm
Environmental controls
Temperature 68 °F ± 1 °F, Humidity 35% ± 3% RH, digital controls located in each bay, 0.1 °F and 1% RH resolution, chilled mirror RH meter for calibration reference
HVAC system
Nine air handlers / one for each bay, 45 °F campus chilled water to coils at each air handler for sensible heat temperature control, separate make up air unit for humidity control with variable speed fan for room pressurization and air balancing, dual totally redundant chillers for 32 °F glycol chilled water system to make up air unit for humidity control, steam humidification to each air handler, 100 ft/min laminar air flow
200 A 3Ø 5 wire panel for each bay, separate feeds for large equipment, emergency disconnect remote switch for each machine, emergency disconnect remote switch for each bay/panel, master emergency disconnect switch located in change room for all bays/panels
Central vacuum cleaner
Port located in each bay and chase, remote control switch located in change room
Conductive flooring
Welded seams, tested to 25 kΩ - 1 MΩ between electrodes
Master control panel located in lounge, speaker/microphone located in each bay