Carnegie Mellon University

Internal CMU Researcher Access

Please contact Nanofab Staff to discuss your project and receive and introduction to the Nanofab. Pending approval, new users will be asked to complete the following:

  1. Read and understand the Nanofab Guidelines
  2. Attend the EH&S "Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste" training course (sign up at BioRaft)
  3. Attend the EH&S "Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Training" course (sign up at BioRaft)
  4. Complete the EH&S "Fire Extinguisher Training Courses: Part 1 and Part 2" (sign up at BioRaft)
  5. Attend an orientation session for the Eden Hall Cleanroom (arrange with Nanofab staff)
  6. Complete the Process Inventory form and Cleanroom Chemicals & Gases form
  7. Arrange for a tour of the Eden Hall Cleanroom with a Nanofab staff member