Carnegie Mellon University


At the center of the Bertucci Nanotechnology Laboratory is the brand-new 8,500-square-foot Class 10/100 Eden Hall Foundation Cleanroom. Characterized as one of the most energy-efficient cleanrooms in the United States—more than three times as efficient as many cleanrooms of similar size and class—this facility has helped Scott Hall earn the distinction of being certified LEED Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition to the cleanroom, the facility includes a post-processing lab, tool development space, and offices for our highly-qualified technical staff. Furthermore, the lab features stateof-the-art controls, 19 brand-new wet chemistry decks, three EMI-shielded rooms, and many other advanced features designed to support a continuously growing and diversified set of users.  Some of the key highlights of the new facility include:

  • 19 new wet decks (5 for general or standard solvent processes, 2 for specialty solvent processes, 3 for spin-coating of resists, 4 for development of resist, 5 for acid/base processes)
  • 3 EMI shielded e-beam rooms
  • Advanced gas distribution and monitoring
  • Lab management software for auto logging and tool access

Facilities Details

Compressed air is generated by a Beacon Madeas Lab Air system capable of outputting up to 145psi.  1 um filtration and redundant twin tower dessicant air dryers produce dew point better than -100 °F.  In the lab, point of use regulators are used to adjust air pressure for each piece of equipment.
Three feeds of nitrogen are used in the facility.  Vapor from a bulk liquid nitrogen tank, is used to produce 99.999% utitlity nitrogen for general use applications.  A portion of the utility nitrogen is purified to produce 99.9999% process nitrogen used in vacuum chambers and other high purity applications.  In addition, a nitrogen generator capable of producing 99.9% purge nitrogen was added to be used in wet deck purges, pump purges, and other "waste gas" or low purity applications.  Taps for each nitrogen purity are plumbed throughout all bays and chases within the facility.
Our deionized water system polishes makeup water from a Type II water system by passing it through a series of 12 mixed bed dionizers, UV sterilization, a degasifier, and a TOC removal system to produce E1 quality water with 18 MΩ*cm resistivity.  The water continually recirculates throughout the facility at a rate of 70 gpm, with laterals and taps located in each bay and chase of the cleanroom.